On-line Transactional Monitoring (issuer and acquirer)
On-line Transactional Monitoring (issuer and acquirer)

Monitors financial and non-financial transactions online, in real time, and allows the immediate analysis of the alerts in a complete console, with a user-friendly environment for analysts.

  • Detection engine
  • Advanced console
  • Smart analyzer
  • Statistical manager
  • Device profile validator
  • Dynamic password generator
  • Claims management
  • RMW Advanced

SecureTX is a middleware tokenization for sensitive information that can protect multiple systems simultaneously.

  • Allows protection of any sensitive data through tokenization approach, particularly card numbers
  • Allows configuring of multiple channels and message formats, specifically ISO 8583 over TCP
  • Supports the necessary flows natively for processors of payment methods, including translation of PIN and handling of DUKPT
  • Protects sensitive data with strong cryptography (AES-256) according standard PCI requirements
  • Guarantees high transactional performance in economic infrastructures
  • Operates in batch and online applications
Points of Compromise
Points of Compromise

Solution responsible for managing cases where points of compromise are detected, with special emphasis placed on the management of compromised accounts and the corresponding actions.

  • POC Pointer - Detection tool for Points of Compromise and Connivent Test Points, at merchant levels. Notably effective and proven in real environments analyzing large volumes of information.
  • Compromise manager - Created to manage compromised cases once detected, with special emphasis on the management of the compromised accounts and their corresponding actions.
Decision Engine
Decision Engine

A solution that allows executing business rules in production environments. Rules can come from different sources and their rapid execution allows automatic and intelligent corporate policies or operational decisions, in different areas of the organization.

  • Real time business rules
  • Process automation
Enterprise Fraud Management
Enterprise Fraud Management

A solution focused on monitoring and analyzing company fraud across different areas, products, people, processes and channels. Analyzes activity and behavior of external and internal clients through all available channels.

  • Comprehensive monitoring
  • Administration of cases and alerts